The DMW (CEO) complimenting his Rap Artist, Dremo.

DMW rap act Dremo is still breaking new records.

Davido could not conceal his thoughts about his signed act “Dremo” for contributing effectively to the progress of the entertainment company…

He when ahead making compliment on social media saying “I love when Dreams come true!!!!! 3 years ago you were managing @dremodrizzy with me ! Today you became THE SPEAKER OF THE OYO STATE HOUSE OF ASSEMBLY!!! I am so happy and Proud of you!” Says Davido

The DG of NYSC communicate payment of new N30,000 allowance to corps members


The Director General of National Youth Service Corps (NYSC), Brig.-Gen. Shuaibu Ibrahim, has said the scheme will communicate to corps members when the payment of N30,000 new allowance takes off.

Ibrahim spoke in Abuja, the nation’s capital, at a workshop/training on Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) for desk officers of the NYSC.

When asked when the payment of N30,000 allowance for corps members would take off, he said: “They will be communicated accordingly, please.”

The DG said the workshop was aimed at consolidating on the successes recorded by the scheme on the use of the FOIA.

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Ibrahim said the scheme had grappled with challenges, which were occasioned by “apparent lack of knowledge of our policies and operations by a section of the public”.

The DG urged Nigerians to familiarise themselves with the NYSC Act to enable them understand better the operations of the scheme and its role.

He said: “Since the enactment of the Freedom of Information Act in 2011, the NYSC has been in the forefront of ensuring total compliance with the provisions of the Act.”

The NYSC Director of Press and Public Relations, Mrs Adenike Adeyemi, noted that the scheme had FOI community development service groups for corps members to assist in sensitising the public on the FOI Act.

A Generator Thief, naked and almost burned

A generator thief was caught and was taught a lesson of his life at Gidi traffic 


A generator thief was caught in my neighborhood this morning. Fortunately for the thief, we are all civilized so there was no sort of jungle justice if not he would have been beaten to death or set ablaze by now. Just some light floggings trying to bring him back to default setting.

The 7 Secrets to Becoming Wealthy in Your 20s and 30s

You should have it in your mindset that there's no straightforward way to guarantee yourself a rich future, but these 7 strategies can help you do it while you're still young.
By Simon Tiri Samson.

We all wish we could be wealthy. For most of us, it’s a far-off dream that someday, eventually, we might be able to turn ourselves into self-made millionaires. But the truth is, building wealth isn’t about putting all your hopes into “someday.” You’re never too old to start building wealth, but if you start when you’re young, you have far greater potential to amass a fortune–and more time to let that fortune compound itself as you grow older.

That being said, life in your 20s and 30s is not without its challenges; you might have student debt, a tenuous career, and dozens of unknowns that keep you from doing everything you’d like to build your wealth faster. There’s no straightforward way to guarantee yourself a rich future, but these seven strategies can help you do it while you’re still young.

1. Stop procrastinating.

The folly of youth is believing that there’s always enough time for everything. Youngsters often believe that retirement, or wealth building, is something that comes later in life, and are more preoccupied with the concerns of the now. Unfortunately, this often leads to a cycle of “Oh, I should do that next month,” month after month, until before you know it, you’re 10 years older and you’ve missed out on a decade’s worth of compounding interest. The first step is to stop procrastinating; saving and investing is scary, but the longer you wait to do it, the fewer advantages you have.

2. Know that there is no magic.
My use of the word “secrets” in the title of this article might have brought you here hoping for a guaranteed, almost magical solution to make you wealthy. There isn’t one. The fundamental objectives are simple: Make more than you spend, and use the excess to invest wisely. How you invest is up to you (with a few caveats below), but the obvious goal is to make investments that have a high likelihood of making you more money in the future. That’s it. The ways to achieve this are by making more money, spending less, and investing more wisely.

3. Invest in yourself.
Your next goal should be to invest in yourself; you are the best resource you have to accumulate wealth. Investing in yourself means spending more time on your education, refining your own skill sets, and branching out to meet new people who might help you achieve your goals. The more educated, skilled, experienced, and connected you are, the more valuable opportunities you’re going to get, which means higher salaries and more options for you down the road, both of which will help you build a stronger financial foundation.

4. Create a budget.

Remember the steps from point 2: Make more money, spend less, and invest wisely. Point 3 covered making more money, and this one covers spending less. Make a detailed budget for yourself based on your projected income and your current expenses. Set firm limits for your expenses, and keep a close eye on where most of your money goes–you might be surprised at some of the areas where you waste the most money. Once identified, you can start refining your budget to spend as little as possible, and funnel the rest into a savings or investment program.

5. Pay down your debt.
Before you start regularly saving and investing money, it’s usually a good idea to pay down any debts you may have accumulated. Credit card debt, student debt, and even car loans can carry heavy interest rates that drag you down, demanding monthly installments that chip away at your revenue while racking up additional interest and penalties that take away even more money from your future self. Don’t let this eat away at your potential; make it a first-line priority to get rid of your debt as soon as possible.

6. Take risks.
You’re young. You have a lot of years ahead of you. Now is the time to take risks. Invest in higher-risk, higher-payoff stock opportunities. Consider quitting your job to start your own business. Jump on new ventures and new opportunities. If things go south, you’ll have plenty of time to make up for it. Most wealthy individuals will tell you one of their greatest keys to success has been taking calculated risks. The majority of the population sticks with the safe route, so if you want to break away from the pack, you have to try something new, possibly something uncomfortable.

7. Diversify.

Even though risk-taking is a generally rewarding strategy in your 20s and 30s, it’s also a good idea to diversify your efforts. Don’t build up just one skill set, or one set of professional connections. Don’t rely on one type of investment, and don’t gamble all your savings on one venture. Instead, try to set up multiple income streams, generate several backup plans for your goals and businesses, and hedge your bets by looking for new opportunities everywhere. This will protect you from catastrophic losses, and increase your chances of striking it big in one of your ventures.

By applying these seven secrets in full swing, you’ll be able to start accumulating wealth no matter where you are in life. Yes, the first steps are hard–paying down your debt, establishing your credentials, building an investment portfolio, etc.–but if you do it early and do it right, you’ll set yourself up for massive financial success later on.


Music:- GospelOnDeBeatz Ft Timaya, And Iyanya – Go Down

Download Music Mp3:- GospelOnDeBeatz Ft Timaya, And Iyanya – Go Down

Download Music Mp3:- GospelOnDeBeatz Ft Timaya, And Iyanya – Go Down

GospelOnDeBeatz has team up with Timaya, and Iyanya as they deliver a banger hit song, that could get you moving your body, titled “Go Down

Download, and enjoy below!!!




Zlatan — School Na Scam.

Zlatan School Na Scam Mp3 Download


The Zanku Crooner Comes in hard with a new raving jam titled “School Na Scam”.

The Rexxie-produced song serves as debut single by the rave of the moment Zlatan. However, this is just a snippet, full will be released soon, keep tab with page!

School Na Scam by Zlatan comes sequel to series of hit tracks like EfejokuZanku and many more.

Listen to Zlatan School Na Scam Below.




Cultist, Hacked To Death With Machete By Rival Cult Group In Delta (Graphic)

Cultist, Hacked To Death With Machete By Rival Cult Group In Delta (pictured)

Burner Boy as he was called, is a member of a cult group that was hacked severally with a machete yesterday by members of a rival cult group has been confirmed dead. He was certified dead on arrival by the management of Delta State University Teaching Hospital (DELSUTH), Otefe, Oghara Delta State.

His friends were seen rushing him to the hospital with various degree of injury inflicted on him.Effort to flag down a car to help them ferry him to the hospital were unproductive as drivers were afraid to assist.

He finally gave up on their way to DELSUTH after being rejected by different hospitals in Sapele